I am not quite known on this forum due to my in-activity i havent played since octobre 13th 2007..

well i want to start fresh i am looking for a lvl 55 to 59 account.. decent gear doesnt have to be some Uber gear , just enough so i can exp ur char or make you some NP's , pot money is gonna be a must i cant exp/pk with 100 pots thats just hogwas ( howas is another word for bull shit , crap , wtf) i would like to play a rogue but i will accept mages and preists but warriors must be 58+ cuz warriors are a bitch to exp but to pk its fun.

i would like to play on the newer servers since the old servers are full o lvl 70's80's and uber geared lvl 59's .

you can add me on msn : [email protected]

if you have any doubts about by legitimasie (i really dont know how to spell) you dont have to post on the topic cuz some idiots always do , and it is really annoying . i do have some skills in exping my highest lvl so far is 67 . i would post some ksc' but when i quit ko to get rid of my addiction i got rid of all ko related things..