Level 63 Warrior at 80 percent.....Full Shell Glave 8 can take all bosses.

Joined Youdied's Subclan quit.....leader kept all boss drops for himself other members would agree

Joined Mercenary's clan very briefly left when I found out his scam with one of the members from youdied

Joined JuSt4FrIeNdS briefly....left after giving numerous members items, with no exp parties/help in return

Joined Redemption, it disbanded...

Joined Youdied, left because of lack of partying for war...boss drops, just really really weird management with boss drops/war parties...even provided vent for awhile for them even after I quit, but left mainly because via was extremely greedy...sorry via, its true and im not the only one that was in your clan who thinks the same.

Joined Holocaustic to help them out...priests are very inexperienced except for one.....I died on Snake queen with one priest...I don't know how it takes 6 or 7 hits to kill me...did it with TCA from youdied 3 levels before with a glave +6 took awhile but I lost buff in the middle still didn't die.....just the inexperienced priests made me leave. Died on Troll King twice...for no reason, just lack of experience of one of the priests.....died doing dms because the priest got scared because a dm spawned on him (far away from me, and he has a ts scroll on)

Looking for an english speaking only clan, somewhat competitive, honest, good reputation......have some good priests, and a ventrilo server thats regularly used.