A Little Bit About DSC

1.) We are a fun-loving group. We like the company of eachother, it goes much farther beyond a group of people who help eachother out in game. We discuss any pressing issues, whether they be in-game issues, friendly advice, or help with real problems. Everyone strives to be an addition to the clan in not only the aspect of being a strong asset to help kill things and excell our ingame characters, but also to be fun to hang around with, and a generally good person to communicate with via forums.

2.) We are a sharing group. We help eachother, we level eachother. Our main goal is to level all the players, and get them all high enough level to be acceptable in CZ. After this is achieved, we will concentrate on out national points.

3.) We do not accept cheaters. If we find out you've cheated in any way, you will be disbanded, and left to dwell among the other clanless hacking scum. We are not racist, but the current affairs in the game, as well as the primary language of our clannies makes us only accept english speaking players.
If any of these things appeal to you, then be sure to drop by our website, www.deadshotcorps.com register, and get to know the clannies, we would be happy to hear from you!


We currently Seeking only Warriors and Priest. Warriors must be lvl 62 Mastered and equiped with priest being lvl 60+ mastered and equiped. Any applications will be placed ina trial basiest 4 2 weeks within which time you must prove yourself in party;s both in cz and xp party's.

1.) YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE KARUS ARES PLAYER! I can't stress this point enough, this is the whole reason we are being forced to disband, and reform (well, if K2 could fix their clan bug...) But you MUST be an active player.

2) MUST SPEAK ENGLISH. All of our players speak english, and we are not accepting applications from those who do not speak english either fluently or as a primary language. The less barriers between the members in the clan, the more we are able to bond, and work best together.

3.) You must register on our clan website, and make a minimum of "x" posts. This rule is basically put there so we know that you know what the website is, that it exists, and that most of our communication is done through here. To be a contributor to our clan, and to help us excell, you need to be able to communicate with us. The set amount of posts is undecided as of right now, and may be changed to a certain amount per week, we are teetering on the idea of one per wekk, and posting a sticky in the forums each week to have all players post on to be sure they are still up and around. We ask you inform us before you take a leave of absence from the game for over a week or two, just so we know what you are up to, and don't worry about you. This current rule is not being implemented yet, but be warned in the future, it may or may not be, we aren't 100% sure yet.

4.) Get XFire.* This is a suggestion, not a requirement, but I put it under requirements because of its importance. Xfire is crucial to communication, almost to the extent our website is. Its a short download, something so readily available, and so easy to get shouldn't be too much to ask.

5.) Get Teamspeak. This is same as rule 3, this is a major way we communicate, even if only 4 or 5 people are on at a time, we hope to increase the number of people using our teamspeak server when we reform, and revitalize our clan with active and prominent players. You don't need a mic to come here, but it is recommended, I myself have a crappy one, and people can barely hear me, but if you listen hard enough, you can. Plus if you have a mic you can make fun of BigPappaWide and others, always makes for a fun time

I'm looking forward to seeing new faces around to party with, and generally have a good time with, for recruiting, go to www.deadshotcorps.com and post in the recruiting section that pertains to your interest.

* Get xfire here: http://www.xfire.com/

Written by Elocra, Assisstant of DeadShotCorps
Edited by BigPappaWide, Leader of DeadShotCorps