hey guys DeathLord clan is serching 4 english speakers members to join the clan
we are g3 4 now as soon as we get more members we will go 4 knight tranning
the clan is serching only 4 + 55 but..... if u got plat and u can get 55 in less then 1 week u are in
u can pm me : StoneOfBuff
or the leader : DTT
now me and the leader allways exp at apos so if we have members we will be known as clan party their
the gear isnt much come on with chitins + 5 and wepons + 7 or any thing u will learn step by step to earn mony
u can take my MSN :
[email protected]

TIP : we only have 7 members so dont worry about room XD
cya all and wish me gl