We are on cwest and looking for members.

We are a new clan to this server and we have a few member more on the way.

Most of the members thus far have been playing on the xig. server we are looking for a new group of gg for a great clan

the few thing i need from you.....

English speakin is a must (we are tryin t get a vent going right now!)

Looking for some people that are at least 50 + if you are not dont worry we can talk.

If you are clanless on cwest plz pm me here or ingame or on my msn

http://z9.invisionfree.com/Enforcers/index.php?act=idx <----------- this is are site come here to sign up now

Leader - Ranking eamike- Ingame BoomShanka- Msn [email protected]
Assit - Ranking con - Ingame Convicted
Assit - Job opening
Assit - Job opening

Plz leave your info with one of us and we will get back to you soon