Hello everyone!
Clan name: Hobbits
Soon to be Clan grade 3 Orc side, looking for English speaking and friendly ppl.
We are a couple of swedes in clan (i think five atm), so if there is anymore swedish ppl out there pls send me a PM here or in-game if u want to join
or just want to get to know a fellow Swede. But ofc always english in clan chat!
We are adding all kinds of ppl to clan:
lvl 1-83 (u will get alot of help lvling)
Turks/swedish/english, what ever u come from, (if u can speak english good enough for us to understand u ).
Always show respect to ur fellow clan mates.
But ofc no Cheating by any means will be tolerated, and u will get banned from clan and reported.

I am not the leader of this clan. leader Ingame-name is Kalleanka
and my Ingame-name is Hector
3,rd assist ingame-name is To4dUnkn0wn
Pm one of us if u want to join!
Hope to hear from u very soon!

Best regards
Hobbit clan!