Hey, im lookin for a char to exp on lvl 70+ please. What I can do is 5-10% or more im most of the time awake so. I won't pk unless ur clan or you ask me to i dont have any vouchers but ill tell ya a little about myself where i have played etc.

ares rogue lvl 64 - warrior lvl 63 - bp lvl 66 - names : rogue/x4ph - warrior/dunno o.o bp/chiclette
ronark rogue lvl 61 - name: tw1st4
akara rogue lvl 71 priest lvl 69 names : rogue/veracious priest/juicy

atm i dont have any chars on usko but i jus wnna lvl because i dont have anything to do anyway so.
char i want to exp on warrior or rogue bp/priest is welcome too but i prefer warrior or rogue dont wanna play on mage because i really really cant play on a mage ;p and the char has to have decent gear cba with chars dieing fast ;o.

my msn [email protected] so we can talk more about things i havent add on list n i can ask things about ko since there are many new things i dont know o.o