Hello. GoDcz is clan from old times of KO. We have many friends at high lvled clans. We is based on respect to each others, no cheating, just honest play. If u would want to join us we expect same presence from u.

Some requirements:

1) No profession is prefered now. But u have to be 60+.

2) U have to speak english.

3) Solo playing will not be tolerated. If u want play solo u dont need a clan.

4) Using Team Speak - not necessary in exp party but necessary in PK or boss hunt.

5) Registering on our forum (Guards_of_Destiny_cz forum - there isnt english section yet but when we will have more english speaking players i ll create it).

6) Cheaters etc will not be tolerated and they ll get ban without any warning!

We prefer players from Europe due divergence time lines (we have +1 GTM).
U can contact me in game (Drakren) or ICQ 229413372.