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IGreekGodsI Is Recruiting

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    Some members of the old LethaL started from scratch over on the orc side

    We have formed the pure dcz clan: "IGreekGodsI"

    The core members of LethaL that came across, some contain names of Greek Gods themselves (This is how you can establish those filthy traitorous beige skins Very Happy)

    Still a small clan, currently looking for a range of players to join.

    Some Info. that should be noted:

    - Clan Race: Karus/Orc
    - Majority of players are +10 GMT (Australian Time) (I freely admit this may affect those in a European Timezone, however, with possible future alliance aspects & recruiting, this will not be an issue)
    - The clan is pure dcz/dlw, however, some do contain level 60+ main characters (Clan wise, this will be decided at a later stage)
    - Multiple members are still in levelling, so there is still alot of exp going on rather than full time Pk

    Simple rules set:
    - English speaking members, however, understandable broken English is fine
    - Be polite and courteous to your clan members. Joking around is one thing, but nobody wants a rude clannie.
    - No 3rd Party tools can be used. We do not accept any forms of macro or cheating.

    Level Requirement:
    - There is no set level requirement, however, we would much prefer people who know the game well (Some form of experience).
    Do not come expecting freely given gear, we help out if we can, but we do not want any beggars.
    We help each and every member with exp and questing, however, there are times were solo exp happens. However, the bigger the clan, the less chance of this happening.

    All in all, its a fun clan with some really skilled DCZ Pk'ers

    Some names you might know:

    K_Haldun = Now IZeusTheAlmightyI
    TheBigSexyGreek = Now IDionysusI (Clan Leader) & IApolloI
    KeepRunning/Alive = Now IPoseidonI

    & currently, many more from KU!

    So, if your interested in joining, come to our forum here:

    Register & make a post in "The Public Place" and just let us know your interested ^_^

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    With a bit of

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