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[JPKO] Clan

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    Default [JPKO] Clan

    Hi everybody. I and some friends are playing in the newest server of JPKO, and we're going to make our own clan.

    We're actually 3, maybe we get 2 more players. Our plans are staying in RLB until we have geared enough to follow exping.

    Actually we are:

    - Warrior LV66
    - Assassin LV65
    - Fire Mage LV64 + Priest Debuffer LV60

    We are looking for english speaker players who would like to play in a fair server, being active but not need to spend more hours than in your own life. We're not 24/7 however we play at least 3-4 hours per day.

    We can help you starting, with exp parties etc, just I would like to find people who really want to play, because exp people from 0 is a big effort if it's just a "test".

    We're Karus, if you're interested or have any question about the server, feel free to post or send me a pm.

    This server is bug free of course, and koxper's get banned pretty fast. The GM's are running events almost everytime, like christmass etc, usually there always an active event running.

    That's all I think, I hope to see you ingame


    Some extra info about server:

    - Int bonus increases AP in priests using priest mace class weapons. To be int BP don't need to spend a lot of str points. So a Int BP can use leonard and krowaz, with just 106str and do a pretty good damage.

    - Skills under level 60 for mage, don't require scrolls, so you don't need a scroll for fireblast, another for thorn, etc ...

    - Archer combo working without cooldown.

    - Minning, fishing, etc... every event and mini game is working as it should be
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    WoW, imagine that... a Knight Online that actually works. I guess they actually care about providing a good game for their customers.. unlike USKO!!!!


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