Yep, after my 57 Rogue got hacked in the beginning of logos ( clan leader ) we decided to retire from ko, after a short break of 2 months we decide to come back and remake the clan

Our clan is basicly in starting progres, we are re-making the clan with 3 ppl for a start, the clan is ONLY english chat and trying to be top100 clan asap.
We have much experience with knight online since 3 years and trying to make a VERY good english clan since there are almost turk clans in ko lately, all players who were in DropTheSoap in the beginning of Logos can be added back if you read this bla bla ^^

Some basic information :

Clan Name: DropTheSoap
Clan Website:
Clan Type: Karus
Level: 45+ will be higher in the future ( as i said, we are in the beginning stage )
National Points: ~
Character Types: All types are welcome

Other information :

You must speak decent english and have MSN or something else to contact you
You must be online every day to keep the clan active
Other rules are on the clan forum

Take a look on our forum and leave a comment