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    Hello everyone.

    I am back to KO since a week after quiting for 5 months or so.

    I am looking to share an account with some.

    Here is some more info:

    About me
    I am Martijn and from the Netherlands.
    I am playing KO for +/- 3 years now.
    I am experienced at level 70+ at this classes:
    - Warrior
    - Rogue Assasin
    - Rogue Archer
    - Fire Mage
    - Frost Mage
    - Int Priest (buff/heal)
    - Battle Priest (debuff/heal)

    My old trustabilty topic is gone but I can get some people vouch for me if needed

    The rules
    If we gonna share this are some rules:

    School/Playtime I still go to school 5 days a week.
    I can play around this times (during school days)
    - 17.30 till 21.30 and as soon school ends I can come online too (diner around 17.00)
    - Saterday I work whole day till 17.30 then I go eat. So on Saterdays I am free around 18.00 till 22.00 (but can be longer if needed)
    - Sunday, I normally can play whole day unless I have family stuff etc

    Since we gonna be longtherm sharers I hope you don't mind if I am not online for a day or two (for whatever the reason may be)
    I asume we both have lives and real life is better then KO

    I CAN be online alot, but since I have a live I can't promise you a certain exp per day. When I am online I will exp.

    I asume that you are in a good English speaking clan that does exp party's.
    OR your character must be wanted in exp party's so I don't need a clan to exp

    After we reach a goal (a certain level) I asume I can PK as a reward.
    If you want to kick me after a goal is reached I asume I get some other reward
    I also expect that I am allowed to PK after I did a reasonable amount of exp.

    Valuable items MUST be sealed if besides you and me someone else has acces to the character because I don't want to be blamed for stealing shit

    I'll keep an log file with dates in it along with percent of exp when I logged in and when I logged out. Also any other important stuff that I put on your account will be saved in the log file. You can ask me to give it any time

    Account in use
    When you are me is using the account msn will be on. So we won't disconnect eachother

    Telling the rest
    As soon as I have acces to the account I asume most people who know you, know that you have a sharer so they don't think weird things

    New server
    If you want to sell the account and go to a new server I asume you use a lil bit of the money to gear the character on the new server.

    The password must contain random capitals so I don't have acces to My KOL.

    I have an headset and I can be on Ventrilo or Teamspeak if the clan has on.
    Don't expect me talk talk on it because I play KO on my bedroom and my little brother sleeps in the room next to mine

    Personal info
    We will share mobile phone numbers and names so we can contact eachother if needed

    Not from the Netherlands?
    If you are not from the Netherlands and still want to share with me I asume you have a proxy ready for me

    I prefer level 70+
    I'll only play under level 70 on C-west

    Your rules
    Since the character is yours I asume you have some rules too. Tell me in you have any.


    Gear / server
    I personally don't mind wich server your character is in but I expect you to have decent gear for your server.

    Wanted characters
    From most wanted to less wanted

    - Rogue Archer
    - Warrior
    - Rogue Assasin
    - Any kind of priest
    - Fire/Ice Mage

    Oke, so you are interested in a longtherm sharer from the Netherlands? Leave a message here or send me a PM with your msn and maybe some more info
    Any other question, leave a message here or send a pm

    Thanks for reading

    I am a human being too, so I probably forgot to add some info =)

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    bump give me a pm if you are interested in playing a lvl 74 rogue on ronark.

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    Sorry Tenzin.
    I decided to go with Avatero.
    Still thanks tho

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    ok np ^^ gl


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