I can pm you my personal info if you are interested. I want to experience some of the other classes available in game, as I was talking to some people in vent about the different character types they have played, and realized I haven't experienced much of them. If its a mage, I'd like it to be at least 75, as I have a 72 mage already, but all others 70+ or 72+ is fine. I just started a player inquirey request thing last night, and it looks like I have 3 or 4 vouchers. I don't care what server, but as I mentioned before, it would be nice if it wasn't Ares, that way the owner would know I havwe nothing to gain were I to "steal" his items, and there would be less tension. here is my info.

Server: Ares
Class: mage / assassin (inactive after everyone started babashopping)
Level: 72 / 59
Names: Elocra / Klandestine
NP's: 300k / 120k
From: Washington State
Clan: BadCompany

If there is any other info you'd like, feel free to ask, any personal info you request will be answered via private message.