Allright before you guys of Undez start either flaming or anyone else say "Damn fucker youve been introducted in shits" and stuff like that, please be informed of what happened.

Soo im looking for an account to play, most likely a rogue but I can play mage and warriors aswell. (Priest maybe but only BP)
Im from Canada, Quebec my time is GMT-5, I speak english (Duh) and french. I can play like 4-5 hours a day and Exp/Pk/Farm....I have Vent, TS and a half working micro.

Any kind of character is cool (Including DCZ chars) on any server cause I'm just looking for somthing to play.

I executed a couple of trades maybe you can ask people if you have doubts on my trustability... :mellow:

Anyway its up to all of you, pm me if you want my msn for further talks. Bye!