Hi all,
This is the account ( in KO4LIFE ) of my friend.
he told me to post topic that he is looking for some1 who will let him to play in his char.
u guys from PATHOS supporsed to know me.
I am playing in PATHOS - Fubuki.
anyway, my friend is playing 2 years KO.
he played only with warrior, and he know how to combo.
he is very trustable man, in this account he dont have trustable topic if u want..
but he can to open 1, and u will see that ppls are posting there.
me and my friend are from Israel.
and he is religious so he couldnt play at Friday and Saturday. ( to ppls who dont know what is religious, religious is - he can't play PC, watch TV, to cook things with fire and more..
he can to exp alot, and he is very good man and trustable.
if u want to contact with him:
[email protected]
my msn is not working, i will tell u when my MSN is working.
is name yonatan..
and he is 16 years old.