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Looking for a character to share on Ionia

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    Well, lots of people seem to be looking for some help on the new server and I'm bored we go.

    Stuff about me:
    I live in the USA, East Coast (GMT-5).
    I have vent and a mic.
    I'm in college, so I cant be online all the time. I can play for several hours each day though.
    I started KO during the MYKO beta, so I'm experienced.
    I'm willing to play just about any class (I'd prefer a break from int priest and sin).
    I can get plenty of vouchers.

    Stuff I want from you:
    I want to be able to play the account even after exping is done. I'll help you get to 80 or 83, but I want to have access to the account after that.
    Contributions to the character. I dont want to be the only one exping and equipping.

    Random stuff:
    I'm willing to give up my time, but not my money I'd prefer not to buy a VPN, premium, or items.
    I dont want to play with an "exp requirement". I'll exp as much as I can, but I'm probably not going to make you the first lvl 80 on the server.
    I will never make huge changes to the character without consulting you (no major upgrading, change clans, reskill/restat, etc).

    I'm sure there's more to talk about, but that's all I can think of for now. Send me a pm or leave a message if there's anything you want to discuss. Thanks ^^

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    what time can u play?

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    Ah, thanks. Forgot to put that in. The best time for me would probably be late afternoon (4:00 or 5:00 PM) until late night (1:00 or 2:00 AM) GMT-5. Of course, I wouldnt be online that whole time. Those are just the times that I can play.

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    yo man if u want i got a lvl 60 mage on ionia if u wanna share im in the clan Momentum so im also in EST and if u can play from like 11pm till 2am that would be tight hit me up with a pm


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