hey guys.

i decide to start playin ko abit again and thats why i am lookin for a clan with xp parties.
well i gonna tell you somethin about me. i played different servers and got experience as high lvl player and have been leading a few clans in the past.
last time i played as about 1 year ago at cw as MrFridulin. i am about to play a new selflvled warrior and thats why i am lookin for an xp clan with is activ during evening hours european time (gmt+2).
i am 24 years and living at germany and using voice chats is no problem at all.

if ur clan is lookin for a lil noob warrior just hit me ingame (gaidemar) or send me a pm as usual i am playin karus side -_- but for a good offer i might start as elmorad as well.

best regards