I'm looking for a orc or human (preferably human) clan on Akara. As i said in the description i'm lvl 68 warrior. Quitted playing a few months ago, but going to start over again, and i want to join a serious clan. As the game is about playing with other ppl, i'd rather not play alone

I've been in ToD before. When it split up i joined Shade, and i have a few friends in OldBoys as well. Am from Sweden, so an english clan would be perfect.
16 years old, played KO for a few years time, mostly at Beramus, in LegendaryArmy.

Yes, i have made a very boring topic, though it does not mean i am boring

Edit: I forgot about my ingame name. it is: "ILLUSION" (I am not the original Illusion), i will be home on saturday, so thats the day you may pm me ingame. I would prefer if you do it on here instead.