Hello Everyone, first of all I don't want any flame on my post I'm just a new starter want play this game Knight Online. I heard it's pretty good game with wars, PKs and more. So I decide to give it a try. I did some little research about the game, most people play this is Turkish and have a lot of hacker("koxper" don't even know what's that mean). So I'm here trying to find a best server just suit me.
For me I don't really want to play old servers, because this game is really old and if I play old server I could easily killed by some end game gear players. So that leaves to me I want play in new servers or just server that just start not too long ago. Second I want join a English speak clan, because what's the point join a clan that with all Turkish that won't understand me or should I just go play single player game... Third I don't mind leveling up my character, if I have the time I WILL level it to the max level, because I want go out there to the war to fight with everyone. At last, I'm new to the game I just want find right group of people that willing to take care of me, and I will do my best for return.
Please let me know did I choose the right server to start with, if not which server should I go. Which side should I join (Human or Orc). And I will be play with Priest be my main, when I got free time I might want try the mage just for fun.
After all, Thanks for you guys to help me decide, I was trying to post on official web site, but when I click on forum it says the page cannot be found I don't know why.