Looking for an exper, here are some things I prefer

1) About 5% xp or more a day, or most of the time anyway, I'm not THAT strict.
2) Good mature behaviour, I'm in a good and respectable clan and I don't want any trouble or bad words from them.
3) Pking and stuff is allowed if you got the 5% xp.
4) Got Gold premmy and xp valks so that should help.
5) Preferably in the morning/early afternoon for GMT+1, so that would be evenings and maybe afternoons for Americans.
6) Best items are sealed.
7) Don't bother if you can't prove that you are trustable.
8) Be nice to everyone, no childish fights or ks or whatever.
9) NO NAABS, have to think of my reputation.

Contact me [email protected] or pm me if ur interested, I can provide u with more info.