im not a huge known person, but there are some people who know me.

when i first started i played on Cypher - b1tchdown, i played with one of the best ko players UnDeFeaTeD. i was his bitch(priest) lol.

then i went to C-East - ChadiousMaximus, played DCZ. then i went Priest StopDropHeal. iv played on and off for over 5 years now.

im just looking for a good DCZ or even 70+ character i dont mind. gear doesnt really matter, ill help provide gear when i can.

leave offers here or you can pm me . and yes i know i have 0 post. i hardly ever post i just look and if i see something i like then

half the time it dont count my post lmao. oh well. trust me or not its up to you. thanks.