well ive played mostly girakon while playing some on c-west many from the girakon insanity days should know me d;

i have a USA IP and dont plan on buying a VPN but if you buy one for me to log ill gladly set it up so that i can log

server id like to play is c-west as i know a few people who play there but any server is fine would also like to play a lvl75-80+ depending on the class ofc

chars ive played on:

TalkToTheHand *priest*
Stylo *priest*
cahn/Yachiru *warrior*
Armisaei *was cahn/Yachiru's personal priest*
Sexe *mage*
die4you *rogue; after orig owner sold it at lvl64 or so played till it was lvl69 then was kicked off due to a gay owner *
Delicious *warrior; when TC bought it and after Andre got it back but delvled it <3 Andre D:*
Scrumptious *priest; before and after Jimmy owned it*
Stunnerr *rogue; when muzo played alot*
J's ugly mage that was named like Icesaurus or some shit lol *mage*

im sure theres others but just cant remember for shit lol and as you can see i listed the class of each char so you can see i do have exp w/ all classes but id rather play priest/warrior atm maybe mage wanna stay away from rogue as i dont wanna kill another mouse having to spam something on right click lol gear doesnt bother me either as long as i can have fun from time to time d;

now just so its clear... im not gonna be an exp slave i can exp if its needed but im not gonna be one of those who will do 10-15%/day at lvl75+ as i just dont wish to spend that much time lvling no offense ofc i will do 2-5%/day if i can find the exp and if i get exped for some reason i will personally regain all the exp

leave a pm or message here as i dont like giving out my msn too often