Heyy guys! I'm looking for a account which that I can pk on, ardream char or a normal cz char server does not matter as long as chars items owns and are all sealed (so I do not get accused of anything)..

-I'm in the GMT timezone and usually logon around 5pm GMT till whenever.
-Looking for a char with sealed items etc (as I do not want to be accused of any sort of scam etc)
-I'm looking for a good char that will own in pk no matter what! So items have to be good..
-rogue(sin or archer doesn't matter) or warrior is what I would wish to pk with!
-I will be able to buy premiums and scrols etc SOMETIMES on the account which will also cut the owners bills
-I am on quiet a lot and therefore a lot of np will be made also!

Pm me or leave message with ur email address here and we can talk further.. Thank you people! And give me a chance!