looking to get back into usko as i have alot of free time again but i wont go to any server looking to play on c-west only on a decent geared warrior or priest lvl 80+ by decent gear i dont mean u need +9/2's im fine with playing an account with +8/0 as long as it dosent get 2 hited compared to others in cz.im from canada my timezone is -5 and i cant provide a vpn but i can provide kc for my own scrolls and such and will give u full billing info if i do so as it is your account.im looking for mostly pk and im very active and well skilled at the classes i am looking to play i can exp alot but perfer not to after helping lvl to 80 on ionia and kronos but i will make an effort at exping if you want me to 2-3% a day max im not an exp whore anymore.now your asking who is this guy and why so few posts i ensure you im gg i was a main sharer on bl4nqooo on ionia and kronos lvl 80 priest and lvl 80 mage(yes yme this is joseph) hopefully he will comment on my skills . i have vouches that are well trusted on ko4life and i will be more than glad to come and talk on vent or msn just pm me and we can talk.