Hello all,

First of all, I introduce myself, I play KO now for 8 years.(I'm 19yr)
I played beramus, pathos and now I am playing C-west. I also used to play a lot of PV servers.
I actually played most rogue, im a very good rogue.
If you got a lvl 80 with a 59 also that won't be a problem.
It also can be a priest or mage, I can play that too.
I got a rogue lvl 59 also, but I can't provide all those god items, I want to pk on a good geared char.

I can use Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Skype, 06, Whatsapp or whatever you want.
If the char is worth it , I will provide scrolls from pus.

I also used to share with Titanium(Bubblicious), that was way long time ago in Pathos.
I prefer to share with a Dutchie(Netherlands), its easyier, better communucation.
For more information just hit an pm.

~~ Greetz