Im David, almost 20 years old, from Poland.

I'm looking for share some account. Can be ardream, rlb, or 80 can be too.
I've played since 7 years that game.
Played on chars like : SacruM , Pyscophat ( xigenon ) Tiocfaidth Ar La , HumansAreNoobs ( clans ). Ch3z, Apollyon ( beramus ) in GraveYard clan.
And then carnac west on GimmeMore ( sold ) and DareDevilMS 80 lvl mage that i buyed, and just got scammed from it.
I feel the best at assassin, i can combo as well, anyway i know to how to play other classes. And played on some privates too.

My msn : [email protected]
I can provide all my infos ofcourse

If it will be needed , i can buy something for acc like gold prem, KC's, whatever.
I got some time for exp, i can always go with clan kill bosses , everything. And ofcourse i want to pk too.