Well I am currently looking to share with someone here, I would prefer it be an Archer however will entertain any offers. Currently I play on Ares as a warrior and I am willing to let the person I am sharing with play on it as well.

What I offer:
Will never use any of your scrolls/pots.
Can exp if needed.
Have been playing KO since beta, skilled in all classes.
I have my own character so I am willing to log off whenever you want.

Now I am not looking to play with a noob character, so please don't pm me if you have shit items.

Basically the only reason I am putting this out there is I am looking to switch to an archer however having a difficult time selling my items.

If interested please add me to msn at [email protected]. Please pm me your msn on ko4life before doing so or I will not get the add.