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Looking To Share Warrior / Priest / Mage

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    I quit KO last summer, and played on and off, and with me living with my dad I get really bored after work and figured KO would be fun. A little history about me I have played for a little more than 4 years now since KE on Diez. Played a BP called HisHoliness and was clan leader of NewHope, Soultakers alt clan. Played a lot of dcz as well in AofD and Pariah. I can provide references for my trustability on request if interested. I am looking for a geared char to play during this summer. In my past sharing I was in school and could not put as much time as the sharers wished, but with it being summer, and me living far from friends I have a lot of spare time during the week. Looking for a long term sharer that I will help xp 80+
    I play BP and Support priest very well, and I believe I play Mage well, but still learning, not the pro sauce as compared to my skill with priest and warrior.
    If interested hit me up on msn and we can go into more detail.

    [email protected]com

    edit: I live in California. forgot that time zone is an important detail. At the moment I would be playing between 2PM-10PM Western Pacific time. ( i think GMT -8 )

    also. if you want someone to just be around for wars. I can provide my own scrolls, and go to Bifrost in exchange to pk on someones char :P

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    got two really cool offers, but still looking around just in case i can get my hands on something thats not VPN. dont wanna pay if i have too.

    so still looking :P


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