I played KO like 6-7 years.
Names and Servers.
Usko Manes R4gnar Mage lvl 70 1.7mil nps
Usko Akara R4gnar Mage lvl 67 500k nps
Euko Europa iAmTheBitch Rogue lvl 80 60k nps donated most of to clan dont remember.
Privated server.
SexyKo TheDuke ( owner or the char , before shanny bought that ) Mage
LostSouls TheDuke Priest, friend was TheBaron was best duo pk players.
Rising4chaos iAmTheBitch rogue lvl 83
NusKo iAmTheBitch rogue , theCha0s bp 540k nps have also videos on youtube.
Yeah i know u saw only priest rogue or mage, but warrior is so easy to combo and perfect to play with laptop so i was thinking why not to share with somebody warrior .
And also i love to farm items.
So i didnt played Ko like half of year sold my char iAmTheBitch ( was rogue) , but now if i get time and if somebody looking sharer i would share with u priest or warrior.
I would play rogue but i have now laptop and with that i cant combo like so i was comboing with rogue.
Anyway if somebody looking sharer , can connect with me. i would most of play with warrior , and also i dont mind if i can play with priest.
also i can buy kc for scrolls and prem.
Char have to be lvl 80+ with some gear what i can pk( also can xp, i dont mind)
And atm i have to much work i would play like 2-3 h at day maybe even less , if i have free day and nothing to do i have xp or pk like 4-7h
im from estonia and my time is +2 GMT.
Oh and also i can make ur name famios of making videos like i have also :P
look in youtube
iAmTheBitch Vol1 Euko
iAmTheBitch vol2 Euko
theCha0s vol1 Nusko
theCha0s vol2 Nusko