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Looking For a Sharer. C-West, 72 Rogue.

This is a discussion on Looking For a Sharer. C-West, 72 Rogue. within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Yo, I recently come back to KO, i've been playing now for like 2 Weeks, maybe more. I can't play ...
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    I recently come back to KO, i've been playing now for like 2 Weeks, maybe more. I can't play loads during the day as i'm working Monday, Thursday & Saturday. 9am till 5pm. Other days i can play in the mornings, on the night i can't, thats when you can play. I am currently 72, want to go 75 asap, thats my goal.
    My gear has just got decent so don't need to worry about that. People know me in CZ so i don't want no noob on my Account that hasnt played rogue before or don't know the combo or anythink.. Don't want to be dieing easy to no-one.

    If i share with someone i say its 50% theres if they help a little, if you just want to play on the ACC then becareful with Scrolls, coins and pots. I am non premuim atm, if you want to share with me we could go halfs on Platuim Premium then it would be fair imo. I'm saying this because some sharers just take the piss, they share then don't log on the Account for like 2 - 3 days, then appear out of no where when your AFK and use loads of scrolls and rinse the Pots and gain no XP or NP.

    Ok i'll stop talking, ill put the Requirments i want for a sharer on my account and whats needed, i'd only like someone from the UK to play my account, i don't want to use no VPN shit unless they pay for themselfs.

    • Know how to play Rogue.
    • Go halfs on Platuim Premium (17.50$ / 12.50)
    • Try and gain atleast 5-10%+ (I will to, which is over 10%, obviously we can do more...)
    • PK with Clan.
    • Be Respectful to others.
    • Treat it like your ACC, i won't moan if you re-arrange stuff.
    • Must have Known Vouchers!
    • Speak perfect english.
    • Have a Microphone + Ventrillo

    If your Interested, send me a PM or post here.

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    cizia is currently going to share with me, he's already put half towards Platuim Premium.



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