Looking for someone to share an account with. We would share completely so you can exp, pk, merch, babashop whatever. Just don't cheat or scam and we'll be fine. I'm a dcz character with my rogue on the account so if you exp it you have to stop at 59. The other 2 characters are a priest and warrior (don't care what you do with them). The rogue is currently lvl 40 and in the clan OptiMus and the other 2 are lvl 1's. I'm a lazy exp as you can tell but i can pk and make money.

About Me:

Age: 16
Time zone: GMT -8 (so i'd like it if your GMT +1 or something around there)
Premium: No you'd have to buy it cause i don't have the money right now
Years Playing KO: about 3 (I quit then came back a month ago which is why my account seems nooby)
Hours per week i play: about 5 right now (haven't been playing much because of things irl)

So ya if you're interested just pm me or post here and we can talk about it more then. Also you need to be a respectable person, if i here that your being an ass or something like that then we won't be sharing anymore.

MSN: [email protected]