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Looking for a valuable clan in Edena...

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    Hey people..

    It's Nadia from States..

    I have started playing KO 2 weeks ago with my cousin's items and his lvl 56 character named Aquinas - Archer in Edena server on Karus side - and wanted to register to KO4LIFE forums with my cousin's advice to meet new friends in game who can speak English because it almost is impossible to find English speakers in the game even tough it is called USKO !!

    I am actually searching for a valuable clan to feel kind of isolated and secured from the other players ( who only speak gibberish and thinking the best way of communication is to insult others and not to show any kind of respect ) to feel myself more comfortable in game..

    I am planning to exp for a long time, already bought KESN codes for Platinum premiums for next 12 months and have pretty nice items like Eagle's Eye +8 and others which I believe will help me to level up faster...

    If you have any invitations, pls feel free to send me PMs or to mail me through my mail ad.

    ( Sorry for mistakes in English , it is not my native language... )

    Thanks a lot by now...

    P.S. : Can anyone pls tell me how to upload a picture for my profile?..I could not find any browse option for that.. Ty ^^

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    in game request ?

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    Tought it would be a bit more easier to send this thread here than to ask everyone in the game that which one is the best English speaking clan..

    Actually I have joined to one and in the first half an hour almost everyone in the clan were talking to each other in Turkish.

    And guess what?..I was invited to that clan as it was to be an ESC at all..

    Thats why I preferred here..

    If that disturbs, np, I can simply remove the thread...


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    Clan section!

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    Clan section! [/b]

    Sorry just couldnt recognize that..I will carry the thread to that section..

    Thanks for warning


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