Lvl 61 mage looking for english speaking clan in Beramus. Great Team Player i have refrences. ^_^ I was in Monsters Inc. Pm La_Blast_915

*Edit* OK I gotta rewrite this cuz i was in a hurry so woops.
Ok names Is La_Blast_915 also with a a dlw Charecter Buffmiester_915(he is a healer so i fukked up in name ) WEll getting to the point IM a 61 mage Looking for a orc clan in Beramus that is mainly on at night cuz that when im mostly on. I was Human and used to be in the Legendary Shield clan I aslo Partied alot with DeathBringers and i guess you can ask and theyll say Im a legit player and a good team player. i moved to orcside side and joined Monsters Inc (Bunch of Great Guys though alot of time they on when im not and vice versa. MISS YOU ALL!!). I decided to leave em to look for a new clan.

I dont beg for items or even ask for them
I start party even if im alone :/
I have ventrilo and am located in the united states mountain region
Fluent in both english and spanish (fast typer that does many mistakes!! SUE ME)
Great Team Player Mostly a support type of person even though Right now im trying to see how i am with a warrior WOOT WOOOT!!
Ice/Light 124 int Rest MP (I like that build)
Always up for pk buty right now im trying to reach lvl 62

I dunnoe wat else to write but i guees this is all it any more question you can post here or pm me ingame or pm me here see yall later