O.K. heres a little background. I was in perfectchoice for a couple months, and I had to move, so I was away from my comp alot, and unable to log in. I came back all moved in, and saw PC NT'd. I played around for a while with no clan, then girakon came out, and I went and started playing a rogue there. Then my laptop got some kind of wierd virus, and I couldn't use the internet on it anymore, so I gave up xping there as I didn't really want to try that hard to make up for a weeks loss of xp.

I'm looking for 5 pretty simple things in a clan.

English in clan chat
Ventrillo server
lvl 70+ requirement
Lots of xp parties (preferably EW's or falcons)
And Bifrost (I think this is vital in making money, and collecting items)

I've been in a couple clans that have had people who speak different languages, and were from different parts of the world, so that doesn't bother me if there are people from different areas of the world, but I'd like clan chat to be mostly english. You can pm me on these forums, or try to reach me in-game.

Character info:

Name: Elocra
Class: Fire mage
Level: 72
NP's: 254xxx
From: Washington State, U.S.A.
Build: Elixir/Complete

I will be away this weekend, going to my uncle's, and we are goign to be kayaking on a local lake, than having some kind of rotating dinner thing where we stop at a bunch of people's houses, but I should be back sometime Sunday afternoon. (For shame, I'm gonna miss the war) So I'll check back in then. Any inquiries about me, or my character can be asked in pm's, I'll answer you when I get home.