Hi all,

Just moved to europa. My sharer and I are looking to find an english speaking clan orc side on a new server for us! Just moved from cwest, and glad to see an active community in euko =]

As of now, lvl 80. Low nps, so nothing to donate as of now but that will come =] shard8, chd8, chitin set+8, dual old rol, eme, wp+1, iron belt. Will have premium and scrolls and pathos/valk/wings once we settle in =] Active in market as well.
We will continue to improve upon gear as number one priority; second priority being lvl to 83 (got some genie scrolls).
I'm from USA, my sharer is from UK - so we will be active on most all timezones.
Yes, we have vent.
Yes, we been in good clans before on cwest and other servers. between the two of us, 10-12 years of KO experience =]]]

Just looking for a group of people to share and enjoy our time with here on Europa - looks promising!!!

pm here or add msn [email protected]