Hi guys,

I am playing on Akara, Karus side with my lvl 60 Priest and I am looking for an english speaking Clan.

At the moment i'm skilled as Buff/Heal.

Some information to my KO history:

- started KO in KE times on Ares / Olympia
- August 2008 new start on Akara

Some information to my person:

- 22 years old
- working as IT Businessman
- living in Germany

Some general information:

- Teamspeak / Ventrilo available
- online every day (Mo-Fr 6PM - 11PM, on weekends almost the whole day/night)

What I am looking for, is active Clan with friendly ppl. I know I am only lvl 60 with my Priest but I am doing my best to lvl up as fast as possible.
If it seems you have a friendly and active Clan on El Morad side, it wouldn't be a problem for me to go for a nation transfer.

Maybe anyone out there needs a player

You can leave me a PM for further questions or interests.

Best regards!