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MurphMadness recruiting mages (Ares Human)

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    Default MurphMadness recruiting mages (Ares Human)

    We are a caped grade 3 clan but are working our way up to grade 2 and look to be one of the top clans in the near future. Currently I have been put in charge of recruiting some mages into the clan as this is one class we are lacking. We do not have TS or vent yet but we hope to in the near future. We do attend most wars as a clan and sometimes venture into CZ but we are waiting to do that too much until the entire clan has leveled to 60+


    Must be main character or a character that you are on a lot of the time
    Must be level 55+ (If you don't meet the level requirment we do have a subclan)
    Must be willing to level with clan, I have restated to ice to help in AOE partys once we get enough mages.
    Must speak english
    Prefer people who play same time as the rest of clan, usually after 3PM EST but people are on at all hours of the day and night too
    Must be willing to level with clan while learning the teamwork that will eventually help us all in CZ

    If you think you would like to join MurphMadness or the subclan then please feel free to PM me in game (Samson24) or you can post in this thread, PM me in forum, or make a post on clan forums

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    We still need mages and I'm sure there are some mages out there that still need a good caped clan to help them in lvling and pvp so PM me already


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