I need clan for my magican on Ares , lvl 74 with 710k Nps.
Playing on Ares since 2004 , i know how to play my class and any other class , i got items that might help me in pk , actually now i trying to get more new rings and then ill buy premium to get lvl 75 asap.
Playing with friend which has problems with vent , sometimes he can log sometimes not , but i can use vent and hopefully you'll hear me good and understand , sometimes i have laggs in vent depends about the vent country and so on...
Will play 4-6 hours a day , could be more at weekends or free days when i have no work to do.
I know what clan drops mean , so you dont have to teach me unless its something different in your clan , for example bowl drop personal drop , other clans can be party drop / sharing the coins.
English is not my main language and you probably noticed it aleardy , so dont bother me with that.
If you intersted let me know.

Have a nice day