yea ima start a orc warrior , i may stay dcz till i have like 25k np then i might go 60 depends if i can get a job and such but iam pretty sure ill go 60+ .
i play ko like 3-4 years not sure tho , iam 18 years old and from germany.

about my char , sure iam not gonna start from scratch lol
iam lvl 5 atm tho xD

iam pretty decent equiped yet , i need to buy alot still though.
i got lots of stuff like 3 raptors r1 , a raptor r5,some shells r1,chitins r1 , trinas and other crap like iron bow r1,md r1 ,cleaver +8, fp+8,kek ring and such.

i need an active clan since i got more then too much time,ill buy prem when iam lvl 59 or 57 not sure yet.

leave me a pm or reply here , thx