Lookin for an ACTIVE, ENGLISH clan with plenty of mages, for aoe parties..

My current stats are:
Lvl 57: 50%
Full Paper stats: (225mp)
I switch back and forth from Full fire/ice to dual aoe when needed. (im not poor)
NP: Not concerning myself with pk atm, but about 1.5k or so..

My Equipment:
Full +8/15 mp and hp paper sets.
Wizard staff +9
+12/mp neck/belt and +10 earrings/rings (will be +12 real soon)
+12/hp neck/belt and +9/10 earrings/rings.

I'm online daily, off and on from about 10am pacific till 2am or so usually.
I'm employed by my best friend as a glassblower, so I have a very flexible schedual.

*edit* I always forget this most important information! I am human side on Diez! (diez for life!)