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need diez orc clan

This is a discussion on need diez orc clan within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; both char's need clans my DLW warrior lvl 43 (delvled 42 now) needs a clan, has 1.1k np's (got em ...
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    Default need diez orc clan

    both char's need clans
    my DLW warrior lvl 43 (delvled 42 now) needs a clan, has 1.1k np's (got em all unbuffed, no parties, no swift)

    and my main char, lvl 53 buff/heal (might be joining nexus again but not until 54 so this char isnt a sure bet on needing a clan)

    im on alot, usually from like 9am to 5pm
    then 10pm to 2am

    and as u can see, i speak fluent english, and pretty tolerant to most other languages, except the annoying turks, the nice ones i can tolerate

    oh yes
    and my lvl 43 human sin in diez could also use a DLW clan, i dont play him alot tho cuz i broke one of my mirages and only have 4mil coins left, so im stuck with a +4 irage and mp abosrb dagger

    wooh that was alot

    and please note
    i dont want some little noob clan with like 13 players under lvl 40
    i want..errm, NEED a GOOD clan who has a strict lvl policy

    im srry but i cannot gain any lvls partying with ppl who cant even go to eslant
    for my dlw chars i need at LEAST a 45+ clan
    and for my preist, a 52+ clan would be good

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    my preist no longer needs a clan, im happily reunited with nexus

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    warriors np is now 3.1k


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    sweetums u noob man its been a while o.0

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    me noob? i helped u get half those lvls u got lol
    bafert hook my dlw up with a clan
    i was gonna join thelighterones, but the guy who said he'd invite me, was a prick
    hes like "ok, if u do good in dlw, ill invite u"
    and like 40 mins into it, he just randomly kicks me from party, and doesnt say a word
    ....and i was doin good to, he even said it himself

    but ya, anyways....u noob come lvl me O_O

    btw, i keep seeing everyone from reaprecore lately
    seen blargety..damn i cant remember who else, but there was 2 other ppl


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