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Need Exped? Look No Further...:D

This is a discussion on Need Exped? Look No Further...:D within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; hey what up names killian....i been playin ko about 6 yrs now...uhm i have played every amazing at int ...
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    Default Need Exped? Look No Further...:D

    hey what up names killian....i been playin ko about 6 yrs now...uhm i have played every amazing at int priest dlw and cz...ive played rogue about 3 of the 6 years..i love it because i can pk best when im on it and i pk with the best of clans...i can get in MadHouse pk/exp parties i can get in SnapCracklePop parties...(exp boroo about 6hrs a day with that clan)

    i know how to play/combo on a sin and i can do arch combo...i like exping...and im easy to get along with i own my own vent so if u ever needed to talk to me you can find me easily...if u trust me to play ur acc ill trust you with admin in vent (which isnt equal but it helps to get ahold of me i like getting new friends and im hoping this will continue to increase my rep for C west because i play c west when im not needed exping i can get vouchers if u really need me to really trusted ppl..

    i used to play Ares/Diez(exped MelodicMinor he was a lvl 75 sin and me and my friend averaged 50k+ a month in nps total we got was 2.3mil nps on it and i have a screenshot of me on it...ive played logos lvl 75 warrior/lvl 75 priest/lvl 75 mage all human and i got them to 78 before my comp took a shit...but i have a bigger and better computer i dont work and i dont have school so i can be on at any time of the day or night

    whatever boss drop i get if my friends are doing boss i will leave on the acc so you can decide what you want to do with it and let you have the cash from it i just want to be able to have fun with my friends and exp/pk anyways sorry if its so long hit me up...
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    It's good you learned what paragraphs are... cus for a sec there it looked like a wall of text

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