ever wanted to play a lvl 70 sin? well today is your lucky day.

I need a sharer for my lvl 70 sin on ares, only problem is the only item I have is a personal dagger +7. if you are willing to get a chitin set or a shell set +7 and a +8 cleaver or better we are in business

I am not looking for a straight up exp sharer, pk in wars is cool until lvl 75 then cz is straight too.

As long as you are fine with my skillbar, and willing to do like 1 bdw a day we are straight.

anyways I vary between a few skill bars. depends on how I am feeling. my usual bar goes.
1-4 attacks5 light feet 6 hp pot 7 mp pot 8 minor then there's
1-4 attacks5 mp pot 6-7 minor-8light feet, then there's
1 light feet 2-5attacks 6 hp pot 7 mp pot 8 minor

since my clan disbanded, my leader is taking a long break, it would be up to you and me to make it active again.
the main clan is going to be 65+(no rlb's) second clan is rlb's, third is everyone under 65 not going rlb.

those of you who know me well and know the clan well are my clan well are gonna be my first picks for sharers.
let's move some iron