Hey ive got a lvl 45/2k np Graikon account that i would like to share with someone..

I can be alot higher of a level but its hard for me because ive got school and because of prior experiances i dont use credit card online.. so because of this i kind of struggle to play as much as i wish or hoped i could've.

I am playing during australian times, and that would probably mean if ur american i would be playing late at night your time.
SO it would kind of suit our exping/pking purposes.
It would also be of great help if the person could help wiht knight cash or whatsoever because i am still sketchy on buyign stuff online.
Once ive given the person the info it is his/her account as much as it is mine.. we will be making item desicions or whatsoever like we own the character ourselves and i wont have anything against it.... so if your looking to start on Graikon but think its to late to start.. im your man

Just msg me and ill give ya my msn ^_^

thanks all, much love