Im looking to get into this server.. but dont wanna be a solo I don't mind but pk with friends is better then solo lol. is there anyone that can take me in.. under there wing in a sense.. its hard to start in a server if your doing it alone.. Anyone mind doing a good deed... im not asking for items.. (getting a geared level 83 warrior/priest/Mage) just about the only thing I would need would be a priest/warrior to run around farm/pk/boss... I myself enjoy someone you can play with and do that kind of stuff.. kinda like a bestfriend in a game.. (not a loner, id consider myself and old school player ((If anyone is fimilar with Insanity or Undestrucablezzzz or miridom in MyKo fierce and the list goes on)) but alot of friends past/present have left KO..for... WoW >.> or other FPS so im left alone to still be playing... Im a GG guy pk/exp/farm i know how to do my shit haha no noobie here.. vent etc all that clan stuff i have and prefer!!. i just like to have that sense of a team.. or brother hood.

If anyone has played with me dont be shy.. i use to play as AmpZ,Achillies,Wookie,Sippinoniceteaz,553,TexacaN, Steven,scrumptcious, a few more if I can remember. But not ATM. But those are the big names. Hah I was half owner of a GG Mage on gira but my memory is slipping and the name is not there hah so if someone remember me holla.

Also if one of the big top Clan dogs from this server look at this and think its a joke to add this kind of a player.. and your worried about NP's.. Id like to say ive played with some of the best KO has had.. MYKO and USKO.. ive learned alot and i know alot.. So if your worried about this guy with low NP.. NP is very easy for me to get ask Anyone who knew me from any clan like Insanity.. my warrior combo is very... well lets not measure dick size.. but dont underestimate.. Ive been called a good invesment for clans start and end.. im a big NP gainer if thats all your thinking about when reading this topic.. Im not big headed.. just like to share hehe.. you will not be disapointed.. one bit. But that's me in a nutshell I guess. Any takers

Have a wonderful day, your friend. AmpZ