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Olympia, el Morad - Holocaustic is recuiting again!!!

This is a discussion on Olympia, el Morad - Holocaustic is recuiting again!!! within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hello ppl of Olympia, We are recruiting again! We have just cleaned up a few spaces in the clan and ...
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    Default Olympia, el Morad - Holocaustic is recuiting again!!!

    Hello ppl of Olympia,

    We are recruiting again!
    We have just cleaned up a few spaces in the clan and would like to fill them up again.

    We have a very active El Moradian clan with most ppl playing everyday. We pretty much only clan party and when we boss hunt or get larger drops (ex. shards, iron bows) we split the loot evenly with the party members. Most of our members are between lvl 55-62 with few exceptions. We are anti-cheat, anit-hack and anti-illigal 3rd party prog. Most of us seem to be on between 5pm-2am eastern. We also have a private Ventrilo Server that is up 24/7.

    I guess that's enough about us, if you have any questions I didn't answer there, just ask.

    Okay, now for what we are looking for,

    English speaking is a must, not just able to type but speak it clear enough that we can understand you.
    A microphone is a must, if you don't have one and want to join us, get one.
    Level 55+ characters that are focused on xping to high enough level to start pvping effectively.
    Premium players, not really a must but it helps for xping up faster and when we all change servers for a boss or whatever.
    People that are 16 years and up, we found that if we get too many younger ppl in Ventrilo, the goofing around gets out of hand.
    People that play a good couple or more hours a day, hopefully around the same time as the rest of us.

    We don't want ppl that cheat or have cheated to get their character to the lvl they are at. People that leach xp, fall asleep while playing all the time (we've had a problem with someone doing that and that's why I've mentioned it) or go for washroom brakes every 5 minutes for 10.
    We don't want ppl that constantly ask for items or something for nothing all the time, lots of us give each other items or coin or whatever we need, but we are not going to give the same treatment to someone that has only been around for a week or so.

    If anyone has read this far and would like to join, pm me or send me a letter in game.


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    i'm interested.
    lvl 61,5 warior ( big warior not tiny )

    my account is naked becouse i sold all my items. i havent played for 2 months and i decided to play again i head from friends that i can get deacent EQ from quests.
    If u want me in i'll join.

    PS. i'm new to Fire Drake

    i have vent but but my Mic is @my summer home.
    if u have any doubts about my legitment u can ask any1 from Respect and ask about Super_Mario.


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