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Olympia - Shoguns - Baptism By Fire!

This is a discussion on Olympia - Shoguns - Baptism By Fire! within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Currently looking for the following: Karus Level 70+ Players Well rounded, team orientated, mature gamers Race/Nationality plays no part in ...
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    Currently looking for the following:
    • Karus Level 70+ Players
    • Well rounded, team orientated, mature gamers

    Race/Nationality plays no part in any deciding factors for acceptance into Shoguns.
    We are a relatively small clan, that has been playing together for approximately 3 years.
    Our members are from all walks of life, and all corners of the world.
    We utilize Ventrilo servers whenever necessary and or possible, but do not make it mandatory.

    If interested, please visit: , and fill out an app.

    Remember, gaming is about having fun, leave the stresses at work!

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    Information added. Free bump, also.

    Looking for solid gamers. Level 70+. Karus.


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    hi bill/tormentor.

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    Hello Bruce/Chemical <_<

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    Information about the clan:
    • We don&#39;t care what color your skin is, or what language you speak, so long as you show respect to those you game alongside.
    • We are not discouraged by members disbanding from the clan, if you don&#39;t enjoy yourself, find a clan you do enjoy.
    • We are primarily orientated around PK, not XP. However, we do run the OCASSIONAL 5+ hour XP party. Usually to compensate for XP lost in CZ, ahah.
    • We have members from many nationalities, Turkish, Peruvian, Brazilian, American and Canadian.
    • We game to have fun, we try to keep stress levels to a minimum. Death in CZ is inevitable. The longer a group of people play together the more well adapted they become to team orientated PK, which is what we pride ourselves on.
    • We prefer, mature gamers.
    • We are not here to provide gears for members of the clan. Boss drops, go to those who kill the boss. There is no clan bank. Should you and a clan friend or outside friend kill a boss, and obtain a drop, it is up to the members of that party to determine who and how a drop is given/divided.
    • The majority of the members inside the clan are 22+ years of age, however we accept members of all ages.
    • We do not personally own a ventrilo server, but have several to utilize should the need arise.

    We are still recruiting level 70+ players of all classes of the Karus nation.

    If interested either leave a reply or PM me. Thanks.
    *We game to have fun, not to be the best.

    When the clan is near full, which is not expected to happen anytime soon, scheduled Isiloon and related events will occur. We do not make it mandatory to attend such events, they are available for those willing and able to participate. That is all!

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    up for mature gamers


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