Hello Knights!

English speaking clan recruiting on Altar USKO. We are looking for players that like to play serious while we are pking but also like the social thing with discord and so on.
We are right now 6 players lvl 80 and a few is almost there. We are trying to make scheudle for the the farm based on the acitvity in colony zone. We are looking for players that
have a decent knowledge about the game and know how to play the game.

We will make alliance clan so if you are below 80 you will at the start join our EXP clan. The ppls that is 80 will of course help with quests / start up exp when there is time for it.

If you ware intrested join this discord: https://discord.gg/79Eve3M
Send the admins a private message and check the rules under the channel "Clan-Rules".

You can also pm me in game on Altar 1 (iGetOwnedi)

"We are here for having fun"