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Rejoining cwest!

This is a discussion on Rejoining cwest! within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; well, i got quite a bit of free times on my hands now, and im thinking about coming back to ...
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    Default Rejoining cwest!

    well, i got quite a bit of free times on my hands now, and im thinking about coming back to KO to casual play. will more than likely hook up an ardream char for now. i might have a char already on cwest so i was just looking for an ardream clan, or if i have to make a new char a clan to pk/exp with and just chill. i have alot of experience so thats not an issue...if any clans on either side have an opening i'll be happy to fill it

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    lol, I tried this after being gone for over a year, it's ridiculously time consuming to level now because the majority of the old levelling quests are now bugged, and once you finally get to 55-59, you are either up against 15 people of the apposing nation with a party of 4 or you are trying to KS the other 10 people not in your party outside the opposing nations base. And DLW's? Forget it. I got commander being the only person in my clan with 800 NP's last war. I think I saw 7 other orcs there, and they were all sitting in jail and doing nothing because we were being camped. I suppose if you baba a bunch of gear like 80% of ardream has done already you may stand a chance, but you better be ready to drop a fat paycheck on gear.

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    that was the reason i lvl up and went for 69 its ok but we got some baba there too most of the time its 2partys vs 2partys am having fun but some time its boaring


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