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Searching for Exper/Sharer-Ronark-Warrior

This is a discussion on Searching for Exper/Sharer-Ronark-Warrior within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well I just found a sharer when not a moment later I searched the forums and found he scammed bronze ...
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    Well I just found a sharer when not a moment later I searched the forums and found he scammed bronze premium. Change password thx. I'm posting all the info here so I don't need to explain it 100 times in msn, so here it is folks.


    Lvl 70 warrior 60%
    Top 5 human clan
    15 days gold premium. Next premium is platinum.

    Opal Earing, Warrior Earing
    Amulet of Curse+1
    Skeleton Belt
    Ring of Courage, Foverin
    Chitin+7 set, +8 pads
    Exceptional Blade Axe+8
    Exp Valk helm
    *Enough coins to buy a few +8 chitin pieces.
    *PE supplied by clan when it's my turn (It will be awhile so relax)
    *AC valks and such will be bought in 1 month.
    *It's all sealed.

    Wolf AP 2110
    Base AC 926
    Undy HP 7200
    Base HP 3.75

    Ventrilo. Always.
    Fluent English.
    Need voucher and KO4life trustability topic. Low post count and no vouchers need not apply.
    My time zone is GMT -5:00, Eastern time.
    Your window of playing (For the next month) 10:00 PM - 6:00 PM weekdays (20 hours). 12:00 PM - 8:00 AM weekends (8 hours). In one month, window of playing is 10:00 PM - 3:00 pm weekdays (18 hours). 12:00 PM - 8: AM weekends (8 hours). All GMT -5:00, Eastern time.
    So Weekdays you can do both Eslant dungeons, weekends none.
    Anyone else on Eastern time really can't play in these windows, because it is when we sleep and go to school, but it's great for Israeli's, Australians, etc.
    I'm not an exp nazi, but I think 5%+ a day with platinum is really easily attainable. Platinum will be bought 10 days from the start of this post. I will be exping the account whenever I'm on too, with no pk because I'm rushing to level...75?
    Clan events: We do isiloon, felankor, and bifrost greeds. If you share my account your a clanny, so you should be taking part in clan events.
    I dont plan on selling this account ever, but if for some reason I do, you will get your fair share in USD.

    -Scrolls will be provided for pk if you need them. Pot money will also be provided, but if your going 1-2 lvl 70 dungeons and 1-2 bdw a day, I think it is feasable for you to pay atleast most of your own pots.

    -A lvl 66 83% rogue with noob items (Chitin set+7, ib+7) is provided for the sharer to take to border wars for the red chest and exp the rogue. This rogue may also be used by the sharer when I'm on the account--It's boring if you dont have an account to log but are availible. This account has premium and is in the ally clan. When the sharer is doing something important, this is the account I would log to play aswell, so it's a joint effort. If the sharer would rather play a priest, however, instead, a lvl 65 priest 10% would be provided with items of equivilant noobish value to chitin set+7 and ib+7 ^^.

    My msn is [email protected]

    Only contact me if you meet these requirements.

    Am I missing anything?

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    bump , gl finding one

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    Bump h34r:


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